Bambi Biohazard Fan Fiction

Bad Bob, me and Shadow, drawn by Shadow

Shadow and I are both writers, it’s funny that we’ve more or less ruled out ever writing together but writing about each other has happened more and more. Recently he asked if he could write pornographic stories of Bambi Biohazard and of course, I said yes.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect past the first ideas he told me on the bus, we do have very different sexual fantasies but I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s been a lot funnier than I expected, and now I write that I wonder why as it was comedy that got us together. And as hot as the sex scenes are, it’s the comedic moments I think I’m loving the most.

It’s started out with me driving around in a VW van with my hamster Bad Bob, meeting a witch (very respectfully done, it’s almost like he knows an actual witch) while foraging for herbs and after a night of sex this version of Bambi wakes up to discover she now has huge bimbo tits and Bad Bob has the ability to speak. From there Bambi has decided to go into making her own porn.

Since meeting the witch she’s fucked the woman that worked on her van and a rugby player (who is partially inspired by one of my favourite rugby players). I’m now looking forward to seeing what this version of me, and her talking hamster, get up to next.

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