Norman the Gnome by Pink Box Toys Review

I was recently sent Norman the Gnome by the now named Pink Box Toys in exchanged for a fair review. I’ve been really excited to share this one as I love reviewing for this company.

All Pink Box Toys come in gorgeous packaging

Norman is a big toy, he’s one of my girthiest at just over 20cm at his widest part and 19cm from hat to base. I have him in black and pink with glitter, and just like all the Pink Box Toys is made of body safe silicone. Given he is made of silicone and being a pretty big toy is also on the heavier side. For me this is a plus as I like my toys with some weight.

The photo doesn’t do him justice

Armed with some good porn and my cannabis lube I gave myself a little warm up with another one of my toys and then moved onto Norman. And I regret not giving myself more of a warm up because he is really wide. I didn’t manage to get as much of him in me as I wanted. To start with he’s got a smooth hat which then moves onto the face which is differently textured on the front and back, with the waves of his hair and his face. It gives me memories of the skull dildo that was released for Halloween last year which had two very different textures on the front and back. I really love that the hat has a bend in it which can be just what you want for G-spot stimulation.

I had to show off his beautiful swirled base

I only managed to get just past the hat and was still left with a very stretched and full feeling. I will be coming back to this toy with more warm up and more stretching to fit the rest of him inside me. But that I want to go back to Norman says that yes I really enjoyed this toy. He’s covered in irregular texture which is something I look for in my textured toys as uniform texture just doesn’t feel as good when used over longer sessions.

Norman is not an anal safe toy as he does not have an appropriately flared base so should be kept for vaginal use only.

If you want a Norman of your own he’ll cost you £40 and you can get him and all the other gorgeous and fun toys by Pink Box Toys from either Etsy or their website and give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss any of their new releases.

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