Fuck You Very Much

You might think I’m going to tear into Only Fans for their latest announcement. And I’ll get to them and their bullshit in a minute. But the brunt of my rage is being aimed squarely at Mastercard.

You see, the reason Only Fans are now kicking off the sex workers that basically made that platform what it is today is because the credit card company are being puritanical wank bags. Now, if you’re one of those people that this is somehow a good thing 1, are you lost? And 2, you do realise this is a company telling you what you are and are not allowed to spend your money on. Porn is not illegal and sex workers of all kinds deserve to be paid, so the reason the card companies are getting their underwear in a twist is a slippery slope.

There will be some that say it is to stop sex trafficking and that’s a lovely idea in theory. But, it really isn’t as simple as that, and it makes it sound like it’s such an easy fix to a very complex problem. And it’s a fix that doesn’t work, illegal money will be laundered and go through other things and to just say let’s not allow people to pay for legitimate porn is like sticking a plaster on a broken leg and saying “fixed it!”

I’m not saying I have the answers, it’s a deep and complex issue and I’m just one content creator and blogger. But it’s not rocket science to know this is not the solution, and especially at a time that more and more people are relying on sex work as their full time job whether it be due to being furloughed or other pandemic related job problems. So to have it happen now is an extra kick in the teeth.

Now this is where I get into Only Fans, just days before they announced the end of sexually explicit content they had the nerve to put out a message saying that the adult industry on their platform had nothing to worry about. Add to that many creators made their discovery through third party news sites and the Only Fans Twitter account. It has been vague and badly handled with a result of other similar sites seeing a rise in new users. Now, this is far from the first time this has happened Tumblr and Patreon spring to mind. But for many this is their first time being deplatformed and it’s scary at first. But to those of you who are experincing it for the first time and reading it right now, keep moving forward, keep that hustle up and when it all starts to feel too much, just take a deep breath. There will be new platforms, keep moving forward.

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