Too Tired

I’ve been way too quiet, here and on social media as I get into the stride of my new life. My life is completely unrecognisable from 4 weeks ago. And as a result I’ve been too tired, physically and emotionally to write, fuck or even think about either.

At the end of my second week in my new vanilla job (that’s going really well by the way) I lost my hamster Bad Bob. Shadow has been amazing, he took me out Saturday afternoon and into the evening. It would have been an amazing date if it hadn’t been for the circumstances. We got Sushi Dog, had amazing vegan hot chocolate, I got a strawberry beer and we ended with a trip to the Prince Charles Cinema to see Pulp Fiction. It was just what I needed as a distraction.

We’ve talked about sex, sort of. Shadow wants it and I’ve just not been in the mood but we’re a good sex positive couple and talk about our currently differing sex drives. So I will be doing what I can to try and jump start my horniness again, I’m thinking a nice romantic bath, a bottle of sparkling wine and maybe some porn. And if I’m as tired as I am now enough caffeine to reanimate the dead.

But don’t fear as I work my way back to having some kind of balance I will be back to making more clips. editing the ones I have waiting on a USB and of course properly blogging again and having filth to talk about.

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