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Building A Bimbo

I’ve known what my bimbo goals are for a while now, but having fuck all money and doing it all on my own makes it really hard to feel like I’m getting anywhere or to stay motivated. The bimbo I want to be has also changed a lot over the months that I’ve been working on my goals.

A bimbo I really love and get inspiration from is Sammi Sprinkles, she said you have to do it your way not be just like everyone else. And she’s so freaking right! Since I started embracing my super feminine side I’ve been looking for more feminine and revealing clothes but so little felt like me. I don’t want to be someone else, I want to be the same freaky, witchy, fairy creature I’ve always been. Just a sluttier one. You’d think knowing what I want would make things easier to find clothes. Turns out I really struggle to find clothes I like. I think I might have to take up dress making!

I’ve also been crazy tired lately while my body gets used to the new job and I’ve not been exercising which mean I’m nowhere nearer to the body that I actually want. I’ve not been able to afford the body mods that I want either, like my lips, tits and botox. Although I will be getting my first pay check in a few weeks and finally I can start to save for those things. I’ve also had to wait a little longer than I’d like to be paid so I’ve not been able to get my nails done and this past week or so has made me realise just how much my acrylic nails are a part of my identity now. I can’t wait to have them back again.

My new job has been great for me in so many ways, in a few months I’ll be able to move out and have a fresh start and finally be able to build a home with Shadow. And have a decent space to make lots of porn! But it’s kind of been making me lose sight of my bimbo goals. I guess working a desk job in a warehouse doesn’t gel too well with being a mythical bimbo creature. And I’ve felt pretty alone too, bimbofication isn’t one of Shadow’s kinks and I don’t have any bimbo friends in the city. So staying on track with my goals hasn’t been going so well lately.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop, I’ll keep trying and keep working towards the things that I want. I’ve not given up but I’ve been feeling kind of aware that I need to rethink my goals, stop looking at the long term ones and think about what I can achieve over the coming days and weeks. I’m also not too proud to ask for some support. So bimbos and bimbo trainers, if you’re reading this get in contact and help a slut out!

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