Date Night

We don’t really do a proper date night often enough and it’s a habit we need to get back into. But last night certainly brought it back with a bang.

My padlock and chain are becoming kind of a permernant fixture these days.

We agreed that since we had both been paid a trip to a local restaurant we both love should be something we both do. Especially as we’ve both been guilty of just having evenings in. And me of increasingly early nights. I brought on of my butt plugs along as I’ve been wearing them more and more lately. The Plug B by Godemiche in particular. But last night it was a sparkly pink gem one.

While Shadow had a much needed nap I got my makeup on, and then realised very sadly it’s my first time in a full face of makeup since I got my vanilla job. (Bad bimbo I know.) I had everything from foundation to highlighter, body glitter and false lashes and I felt amazing. I woke up Shadow and he put my plug in and we both got dressed to head out.

Dinner was lovely and we agreed that we should learn to make some of the stuff we had ourselves, we talked quietly about sex so the people at the nearby tables couldn’t hear us and my top got a compliment from a waitress. We had a short walk home in the finally easing rain and opened a bottle of sparkling wine. Shadow showed me a couple of porn comics he liked and I had a look through the site for some good bimbofication stuff, I did find one that was kind of hot but they were mostly a bit disappointing. I changed into a cute set he brought me a while ago that I hadn’t gotten around to wearing for him yet and we put my bimbo collar on that I had made by Blue Angel Collars.

Holding that lead made him a different, way more dominant person.

After he took a couple of photos for me for my lovely IG and Twitter followers I teased him a little with my feet. Not something we’d usually do but he was standing over me and I was on my back, it was the only part of me I could reach him with. I felt him getting hard and he got his cock out for me to suck. With one hand on the lead of my collar and the other on the back of my head he pushed me down onto him until I choked (because I still have some damn gag reflex). He took his cock from my mouth and slapped my face with it a few times and I sucked his balls and made him moan.

He had me take everything but my socks off and he held onto my lead while we 69’ed, with a combination of his tongue and fingers he made me come while I gagged on him, I could hear how wet my cunt was as he told me to come. He finally decided he wanted to fuck me and one all fours with my legs tight together my cunt made tighter from the butt plug still inside me. Occasionally I’d feel the pull of the collar and lead, not quite enough to choke me but teasing it.

I could hear him moaning, telling me how good I felt over my cries of pleasure until he decided it was my turn to get on top and ride him. He missed my tits in his face. I had barely started riding him when I felt my orgasm starting to build, and fast. Every thrust made the butt plug move and made it feel like I was being fucked in two holes at once. He told me to come again and it all got a little hazy for me for a few minutes.

Shadow decided it was time to fuck my arse, we haven’t in a very long time for a few reasons, some mine and some his. But I have been missing it more and more lately, so we took the plug out and he put me back in the bent over position. I felt his fingers lube my still tight hole, first one finger going in and then a second. I wasn’t quite loose enough to fully take him, since it has been such a long time since I last fucked my arse. But I was soon able to take the full length of him slamming into me. He loved the tight grip my arsehole had on his cock, he told me as he pounded away until I came over and over like the good little anal slut I am. He fucked my arse over and over, my head pushed into the pillows, muffling screams until I couldn’t take any more.

He didn’t come sadly but he loved every moment of it. So much that I think we’ll be adding a lot more anal fun to our sex life in the future. I’m going to need more plugs. And bigger ones to wear when we’re out together. And next time I’m hoping we can add a gag to the fun, maybe my big red lips one with Bimbo Slut on the side.

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