Sea Bitch Pink Box Toys Review

I decided to treat myself recently since I started a new job and got myself the gorgeous Sea Bitch by Pink Box Toys. I ordered mine in pink and purple to go with my other gorgeous toys. It arrived really fast and the packaging as always was gorgeous.

I’ve wanted a tentacle dildo for years but never quite saw one that grabbed me. I was tempted by a glass one a few years ago but I’m not a huge fan of glass dildos so I kept searching. Then at the start of September Pink Box Toys announced the Sea Bitch and I fell in love instantly. Unfortunately I had to wait for my payday a few weeks ago and finally I was able to get my beautiful new dildo.

All of Pink Box Toy’s products are handmade to order from silicone and this is such an amazing twist on the classic ice cream that they’ve been selling as long as I’ve been buying from them. The design is so much fun and is so beautifully detailed. The tentacle and the ice cream cone are beautifully textured (not that I used the cone end) and the purple of the suckers really make them stand out. Being made of silicone and being quite big it is fairly heavy but the grip of the cone made using it really easy and comfortable.

But I’m sure what you’re dying to know is how it feels. As dildo designs go it might genuinely be flawless. The cone is great for gripping so you can thrust easily even with your hands covered in lube. And at the size it is you will need a lot of lube. The tentacle has a gentle taper which is fantastic for gradually stretching which is ideal for if you want to move up to bigger toys.

Then there is the curve which is great for if you like a toy that can hit the G-spot. Looking at the toy it appears to have quite a deep curve but the silicone is flexible enough that it feels really comfortable. If it was just a little thinner I can imagine it would be a wonderful A-spot toy which is further up and closer to the cervix but it was just a bit too wide for me to get it that far into me.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts before you’ll know I am a total slut for texture and this has some really lovely texture to it. The suckers feel really great and then the added ripples of the main body of the tentacle give a lovely regular texture while having two different sensations.

If you want a Sea Bitch of your own you can get it here and check out Pink Box Toy’s Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the amazing stuff they make.

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