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Looking For Dirty Books

Many years ago when I was just starting to try and express my sexuality I got really into erotic and pornographic novels. It turns out I prefer pornographic. I was reading them almost exclusively after escaping my English literature A-level and was trying to get back into reading. I liked that the women were enjoying sex for the physical act it was, that the guys were largely uncomplicated and good in bed. I miss those stories.

I brought so many Black Lace and and Nexus books I think I may have been keeping them afloat single handed. I stopped reading them after one I really didn’t like and then ended up giving my books to an ex in our breakup. Going into NaNoWriMo I wanted to read some of these books to get me into the right headspace and to inspire me. I did hold on to one book which I have been reading, when Shadow hasn’t been buried in it. Apparently it has been giving him ideas.

So I decided to go to one of the bigger bookshops to see if I could get hold of something, and all I could find was Fifty Shades of Grey knock offs. Women who knew little to nothing about sex, BDSM or what they want and men who quite frankly need a good swift kick in the head. I don’t like guys like that, even if my dating history might make it look otherwise. They all have some heavy subject matter more often than not, and some seriously triggering stuff at times. Unsurprisingly I walked away disappointed and empty handed.

I’ve been looking on the Kindle store with little success, although there have been a few Nexus and Black Lace books on there so that’s been nice. I know it’s what’s popular right now and I’m not going to say it’s necessarily bad, although it would be nice to be able to pick up a book to be turned on without worrying about my PTSD being set off.

They say you need to write what you want to read, and I’m just hoping that there is a place for my writing out there. So I am about to go into NaNoWriMo and starting my second draft of my what is increasingly becoming pornographic novel and I know I am going to have a romantic male main character who is going to not be abusive, a main female character who is going to be giving enthusiastic informed consent and enjoys sex for what it is.

And while you’re here, if you know of any good erotic novels please leave them in the comments, send them to me over Twitter or email them to me. I just really need some good dirty books that are light and fun.

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