Come Inside

Two weeks ago we moved into our new place, we finally have an internet connection and the dildos are back on display. We’re still moving furniture and trying to make two lives fit into one little London flat. But we’re slowly getting there.

Our sex life has improved so much, this morning we were both horny. I don’t know what was on Shadow’s mind this morning but I was thinking about a new erotica project I want to work on. When I woke up he was already awake and wanking. I rolled over and reached out, taking him in my hand.

I wasn’t wanking him for very long and he told me to suck him. With his fingers in my hair and holding my head in place he fucked my mouth. Rolling my tongue along the head of his cock when it wasn’t pressed into the back of my throat.

I was already wet so he rolled me onto my back and fucked me, grabbing onto my thighs to pull himself deeper into me. Shadow said I felt so tight he thought he might come. Shadow has only managed to come from sex once before a couple of months ago. And today he filled me with his come for a second time.

It was a perfect way to start the day.

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