2022 Bimbo Goals

As the year starts to draw to a close I’ve been putting some thought into what I want to do with the blog and more importantly with myself. I’ve started thinking about my bimbofication goals for the next 12 months and here’s what I have.

  • Keep getting nails done so they’re long and fake.
  • Get my first lip fillers.
  • Save for breast implants.
  • Get into an exercise routine.
  • Decide on the hair colour I want.
  • Grow out side cut.
  • Keep changing my wardrobe for more appropriate clothes.
  • Regular foot and face masks.

I’m really excited about making some real changes over the next few months and to share them all with you. There’s going to be more regular porn updates to my clip stores too because fuck working in an office, I want to be getting naked and fucking myself with dildos for a living!

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