My Favourite Toys of 2021

I’ve been lucky to review some amazing toys this year and I’m already planning a couple of new reviews in January. But for now lets just talk about my favourite toys of the past 12 months.

Sea Bitch by Pink Box Toy Shop – This was a toy I was desperate to get hold of and it really did not disappoint. It has everything I could want in a toy, body safe silicone, texture, a nice weight, girth and a nice gentle taper. It’s one of my few toys that has also made it from just wanking to my sex life. Shadow recently picked it out to watch me use and he loved it too. Get yours here.

Sea Bitch tentacle ice cream dildo by pink box toy shop

GeometriX by Organotoy – It’s like fucking a videogame character. I was not expecting to love this anywhere near as much as I did as it is in as heavily textured as my other favourite toys but I have used this one a few times and I love it for anal play (which you can check out over on my Many Vids). I absolutely love the feel of the big head on it as it enters me. And writing this is making me think I need to go and use it again when I’m finished here. Get yours here.

geometrix dildo by organotoy

Plug B by Godemiche – I picked this one up in their anniversary sale and I’ve probably used this more than any other toy this year. The bar shaped base means it is really comfortable for long term wear. I’ve worn it on date nights, overnight and just around the flat too. I’ll be buying the large one when I get a chance I’ve enjoyed it so much. Get yours here.

Small Plug B by Godemiche

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