5 More Things About Me

I did this last year and I thought why not do it again this year, so here’s 5 more facts about me

  • I run a Reddit community – I am the creator and moderator for UK Bimbofication a space for UK based bimbos and the people that love them. It’s open to all cis women and non-binary bimbos and we’re just getting off the ground so come and join in. Share your stories, photos, advice it’s totally up to you.
  • I’m a clip seller now – yup, I finally started selling my clips earlier this year and you can grab yourself something over at either Many Vids or I Want Clips. I have anal and fetish content and I’ll be uploading more soon.
  • I’ll be setting up my subscription account in the new year – I was hoping to get this done before then but my evenings and weekends are currently so busy thanks to Christmas and new year that I’m afraid I’ve had to put it on hold until then. Still, what a way to celebrate mine and the blogs birthday month!
  • I’m learning to deepthroat – it was on my kinks to try list this year and while I’m nowhere near as good as I want to be I am slowly getting there. Weirdly I first noticed the progress I had made not during sex but when I didn’t gag during my dentist appointment. I’ve always gagged during my x-rays before. Who knew it was going to be a useful skill in my vanilla life?

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