5 Best Fucks of the Year

  1. That time Shadow creampied me for the first time. This has been a pretty huge year for our sex life. Even if the pandemic did keep us apart for chunks of it. As regular readers will know, Shadow has phimosis, which obviously has an impact on our sex life. Coming from sex has been something both of us have wanted but being realistic I was never sure if it would happen, this year proved that it was. It was something neither of us were expecting either.
  2. That time Shadow creampied me in our flat. Moving in together has long been something we’ve wanted to do and in less than a month of living together he came inside me for a second time. It was another early morning weekend fuck and again totally unexpected. I’m really hoping now that we can get him to come from sex more than once every few months!
  3. The post date night anal fuck. We don’t do anal anywhere near as much as we should since I love it so much. This was a night before we moved in together, we went for dinner together and I wore a butt plug. It’s one of the few times we’ve had any kind of build up to sex as well. When we got back Shadow bent me over and fucked my arse until I was begging him to stop. I have no idea how many times he made me come. It was one of the few times he really enjoyed that position too.
  4. The first fuck in the new flat. It was the end of a long day, our home was largely boxes and furniture that needed either putting together or getting rid of. One of the few bits of furniture we had was our bed. (Which it turned out needed the screws tightening!) When we finally crawled into what was now our bed I didn’t think I’d have the energy for a fuck. But of course the new place needed breaking in and fuck we did. There’s something pretty special about the person you love in your first home together.
  5. The fuck where sobriety went out the window. It was one of the last fucks we had in Shadow’s old place. It’s rare that we fuck late at night, usually we’re first thing in the morning people but this was an exception. We usually tend to be sober as well, I don’t know if this is because of Shadow’s phimosis but this was a very rare time we’d both had a few drinks. We were just the wrong side of sober enough to enjoy ourselves and Shadow was hard for a good few hours. We need to have another night like that again soon.

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