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Bimbo Diary December

So I’ve been looking at places to get my first round of lip fillers, I’m really hoping to get them for my birthday. Although I’m a bit worried about money being tight since I’ve had to take sick days this month thanks to a cold, and if I don’t work in my vanilla job I don’t get paid. Which massively sucks in the worst way. But fingers crossed I’ll be able to get the money together.

I’ve also been looking for new clothes too, I want to update my wardrobe but I’ve not found too much that feels really bimbo. But I haven’t stopped looking. I’m also thinking about putting more pink back into my wardrobe again, like I had in my cyberpunk days. Looking back my wardrobe was pretty bimbo back then, shame I fell so out of love with my favourite brand.

And I’ve started selling my porn too which has been so cool! Every sale I make helps make my dirty little bimbo dreams come true. I’ll be making even more content in the new year and starting up my subscription service too. I’m really excited about it as well. I’ve got so much fun content planned and I can’t wait to get it made and edited.

At the start of the month I set my bimbo goals for 2022, if you haven’t read it yet you totally should. It’s everything I hope to achieve next year to make my dreams of being a pervy little bimbo doll a reality.

Want to help make my bimbo dreams come true? You can! You can tip me on CashApp £bambibiohazard or I Want Clips, buy my clips from Many Vids or I Want Clips, or even just share me with a friend, I’m into that!

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