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2021 Round Up

It’s certainly been another weird year hasn’t it? My life is unrecognisable from a few months ago let alone a year. Since it’s the last day of the year, lets get into it and look at my highlights!

Xtensionsbyxtina – This wonderful lady has made my bimbo nail dreams come true. Not only is she one of the most talented people I’ve ever met she’s also one of the sweetest. If you’re in London and you’re looking for beautiful nails you’ve got to get yourself booked in with her. You can contact her for a booking through her IG and drool over all her amazing designs. Giver her a look here.

Moving out – I finally moved in with Shadow, easily the best thing to happen this year. It’s been something we’ve wanted for far too long and that we found our dream home on our first day of flat hunting was wonderful. I can’t wait for new year to come and go and we can have the time to film lots of fun new stuff for you all. Which leads me nicely onto…

Selling Content – It’s only finally fucking happened! I’ve finally been in a position to sell the clips I’ve been working on. And while sales have been slow I’m not giving up and the quality will be improving now I have a live-in camera man there’s going to be more content coming. I can’t wait to share more hot, sexy content with you all. Next up will be clips exclusive to porn hub.

Sex Toys – I’ve been sent some beautiful and amazingly fun sex toys this year as well as buying a few as well. I’ve been lucky to work with some wonderful companies and I’m really hoping that I’ll get to work with even more in 2022 so I can bring you more fun and brutally honest reviews. There’s been too many to name them all but to everyone I’ve worked with this year, you know who you are and thank you so much for the opportunity!

Sex Blogging Superheroes and Molly’s Daily Kiss Top 100 Sex Blogs – I made both lists again this year and made it out of the 90’s and into the 80’s on the top 100 list this year. So here’s hoping that next year is going to be even bigger and better for the blog. Thank you to everyone who voted for me in both of them.

And last of all, thank you to every one of my readers who have supported me in the past 12 months, and all of the months before that. As the blog comes up to its third (where does the time go?) birthday in a few weeks I want to say a huge thanks to each of you. I love you all.

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