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    Fenris by Big Shocked Review

    Recently I was approached by Big Shocked and asked if I would do a review for them in exchange for a toy. I picked the Fenris in Flame Sakura. Firstly I was really impressed with how quickly it arrived, and in plain packaging. It’s made with silicone, which is by far my favourite sex toy material. It’s dimensions are total length: 9.84″, insertable length: 8.66″, diameter of the head: 1.18″, diameter of mid shaft: 2.16″, diameter of lower shaft: 2.04″ The colours are beautiful and I just love the shape, I love a toy with multiple textures and this offers three different kinds as you move down the shaft. In…

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    John Thomas Toys Comanche War Horse Review

    As a reward for completing NaNoWriMo last year I treated myself to a new dildo, the Comanche War Horse in the size small in the firmness soft. I got the purple and pink since they’re my absolute favourite colours although it does come in 3 other colour options. First off their toys are all body safe silicone, come with a storage bag, a Vac-U-Lock attachment, a free suction cup and with next day delivery in a plain box. Each dildo is hand poured and mine was a lot more purple than pink, it’s almost entirely purple in fact. This is the smallest size and with the soft firmness and the…

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    My Bimbo Nails KotW

    I’ve not taken part in a Kink of the Week for ages, but when I saw painted nails I knew I just had to write something. Having my nails done isn’t a kink for me, but it is a big part of my bimbofication kink and my bimbofication. As I mentioned in my December post, having them done regularly is a big part of my transformation. I feel sexier when my nails are freshly done and I can show them off. My nail tech Xtensions By Xtina know that I have a love for pinks, purples and sparkles. Because what kind of bimbo nails would they be without the cute…

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    Vote For Bambi

    It’s the MV Awards 2022 and I’ve entered. So I’d love it if you have an account (or you could even make one since it’s free) and go and give me a vote in the Best Booty and Best Boobs categories. I’d love to do well and I really can’t do it without your help and support. You can vote for me in the Best Boobs category here. And you can vote for me in the Best Booty category here. Voting closes on the 23rd of January. That’s the day before my birthday and your votes would be such a great present.

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    First of My Bimbo Goals

    Last month I shared my bimbo goals and so far I’ve had my first manicure of the year with the incredibly talented and awesome human being that is XtensionsByXtina and this week I booked my first ever lip fillers. I’m feeling really nervous about it but I’m also incredibly excited, I’ve looked at a few different places and booked my appointment on Tuesday morning. The thing that tipped the balance between them and the other place I was considering was that when I told this place that I’d never had filler before I was sent a detailed list of things to do and avoid. The other place just told me…

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    Watching Together

    One of my favourite things to do with Shadow is buy and watch porn together. I sometimes need a little something to get my brain off of the stresses of the day and I am a very visual person so for me porn is the perfect thing. Every few months we tend to make a trip into the West End together and I love to hit up a sex shop because as much as I love buying my toys and lubes online there is something a bit more special in being able to see them and handle stuff before I buy it. Looking through what they have and showing each…

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    New Year Fucking

    We didn’t get to fuck for most of December so by the time we were able to get back to our flat after our nearly 2 week isolation we were both pretty damn horny. And if the first fuck of the new year is any indication of how we’ll be fucking for the next 12 months then I think it’s going to be a damn good year. Maybe it was because he hadn’t been able to have a wank while we were away, or perhaps because we hadn’t been able to fuck before we left but Shadow actually managed to come during sex. Sure he’s managed it twice before but…