Watching Together

One of my favourite things to do with Shadow is buy and watch porn together. I sometimes need a little something to get my brain off of the stresses of the day and I am a very visual person so for me porn is the perfect thing.

Every few months we tend to make a trip into the West End together and I love to hit up a sex shop because as much as I love buying my toys and lubes online there is something a bit more special in being able to see them and handle stuff before I buy it. Looking through what they have and showing each other things were interested in is so much more fun in a brick and mortar store over both looking at a screen together. Although we did sit looking at my laptop screen last night looking at all the hot content on my Twitter feed.

Then there’s getting the new stuff home and deciding which of our new DVD’s to watch first. My go-to is pretty much always anal content and Shadow has a thing for big tits (he can’t wait for me to get my implants) so it’s pretty easy to find something we can both enjoy, although I’d love to show him some more BDSM stuff.

We usually start with mutual masturbation with our hands on ourselves while we kiss, jerk each other off before moving on to oral. I love blowing my boyfriend while he watches porn. My head moving up and down, taking him into my throat while I can hear the people on the DVD fuck. Letting him use my mouth to get him off. It’s so fucking hot.

Watching porn together isn’t just great if you’re a very visual person but it’s great for getting new ideas for things to do together as well. It’s a fun way to find out what your partner is into as well, sometimes sitting and having a talk about what you’re both into can be a little intimidating but watching some porn together can be a little easier. Showing Shadow porn covers of stuff that I like has been so much easier than trying to tell him what I like.

I’m thinking I’ll be picking up a DVD or two for Valentines Day this year. Have you watched porn with your partner or partners? Let me know in the comments.

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