Kink of the Week Nyotaimori

I had forgotten that many years ago I had actually been to a birthday party where I ate sushi off of someone. So I thought I’d dust off an old memory and take part in my first Kink of the Week of 2022.

It was over ten years ago, I can’t remember most of the names of the people that were there, most of them were friends of my then boyfriend. I do remember that it was for someone’s boyfriend and it was his girlfriend we ate the sushi off of. I even got to help set up which was a lot of fun. We had wasabi, which you can’t leave on for too long because it burns, I remember the little red marks left by it on her skin.

It has made me think, would I want to do it myself? Yeah I think I would. I know I can stay still, I know to put something between me and the wasabi, and then ginger too probably. I’m not sure what about it appeals to me, I guess it just looked kind of fun. I think I would probably struggle with the not talking though. I can be a very chatty person in the right circumstances and I think I’d want to ask people what they’re going to eat next.

I’m not sure if Shadow would want to eat sushi off of me, maybe I should ask, or maybe I should try and surprise him. We are having sushi at the weekend, and it will be our Valentine’s weekend after all.

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