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Another Trip to Vaesthetics

Two weeks ago had my second trip to Vaesthetics Clinic, this time for tear trough filler. I’ve never been happy with my under eyes, no matter how much sleep I get I always have dark circles and they always look tired in photos. So finally I decided to get something done about it.

I was talked through the procedure while the numbing cream was applied, although I had asked a few questions while I was there getting my lips and felt reassured the whole way through. This time it was Redensity II and done with a canula and very small incisions below my eyes. I did have a small bruise come up but I was given some arnica cream which really helped it. And was given the advice to get some arnica tablets.

Two weeks in and my under eyes have healed really nicely, the bruise went down really fast and my lips are still looking great. Although I was told off for them being a little on the dry side, it’s true I do need to drink less coffee and more water. I’m so happy with the work I’ve had done so far and I’m already planning at least two more trips back this year for more lip filler and to try the facial treatment.

If you’re looking for cosmetic work in London I can’t recommend booking your work here highly enough. All their prices and treatments are listed on the website where you can also see some of their work and you can follow them on Instagram.

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