Stretching Holes

As you might know from my Twitter and Instagram I’ve had a few very big toys show up recently, including the biggest toy I’ve ever owned. As a result I will need to do some serious stretching to get any of them in me, and I haven’t written about safe stretching properly since my first ever post.

The Right Tools For the Job

A nicely tapered toy, and with a wide flare if it’s going to be used anally is a must. It can slowly work you open and should be taken at a slow pace. If it starts to hurt you need to stop, yes even you masochists. Pain is your body’s way of tell you that something is wrong. A tapered toy is better in my experience because toys don’t have nails you can catch yourself on. A small scratch from a nail in a vagina can result in a lot of blood, I found that one out the hard way. And a small scratch or tear from anal can be at a higher risk of infection. It will also heal as scar tissue and scar tissue does not stretch like skin. I really love the Dino Slug by John Thomas Toys for vaginal stretching.

The other thing is lube, and no matter how wet you get you’re going to need a good lube. When I’m doing a stretching session I now use a combination of Boys Own and a cannabis lube, both water based and totally toy safe. The CBD in the cannabis lube is supposed to help relax your muscles and the Boys Own is by far the best lube I’ve ever used, it’s great for sensitive skin, non-sticky, is very thick and even a small amount lasts ages. It also smells amazing which is a plus.

I’m currently working on anal stretching and I’m regularly wearing butt plugs, the most comfortable ones for long term use are my silicone T bar plugs by G-Silicone.

A Marathon Not a Sprint

Stretching is not something you do overnight, it takes a long time and a lot of patience. Doing more extreme stretching comes with risks that can be as severe as permanent damage. I don’t like making things sound more dangerous than they are and will admit that permanent damage is rare and an extreme case but it is a very real possibility. When it comes to anal or vaginal stretching it’s always better to take it very slowly and remember that your body will still need the occasional break.

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