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    Branded A Cuckqueen

    The past couple of weeks have been, well eventful I guess is one way to put it. Changing jobs, leaving drinks that turned into a getting very drunk and confessing a cuckqueen fantasy to my boyfriend Shadow, our anniversary and finally bringing up a dream from a couple of years ago about being branded again. But maybe you can guess from the title of the post this is about the cuckqueen fantasy and branding. I’ve had a fantasy of Shadow telling me he was going to fuck someone else for a while, this eventually evolved to a fantasy of him actually fucking someone else. For me it’s very much a…

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    Many Vids Sale

    I thought I’d do a little sale over on my Many Vids store, until the end of the month my clips are 20% off. It’s my way of saying thank you for being so patient while I’ve been away. I can also say that my Only Fans is coming soon! I can’t wait to show more clips, photos and perhaps a story every now and then.