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Branded A Cuckqueen

The past couple of weeks have been, well eventful I guess is one way to put it. Changing jobs, leaving drinks that turned into a getting very drunk and confessing a cuckqueen fantasy to my boyfriend Shadow, our anniversary and finally bringing up a dream from a couple of years ago about being branded again. But maybe you can guess from the title of the post this is about the cuckqueen fantasy and branding.

I’ve had a fantasy of Shadow telling me he was going to fuck someone else for a while, this eventually evolved to a fantasy of him actually fucking someone else. For me it’s very much a humiliation thing. I find the idea of having to find someone else for him to fuck, then hearing how much better she is in bed than me while they are fucking, finally cleaning her juices from his cock a turn on. While I was absolutely hammered drunk after my works leaving drinks a few weeks ago I told him about this fantasy and Shadow absolutely loved it.

We talked about it again when my hangover eventually went away, letting Shadow know I would actually like to at least try and make this fantasy a reality some time, when I feel like I’m ready. When will that be? I’m not too sure, it’s a big show of trust for me and I have a couple of very strict boundaries, all of which Shadow has completely respected. So who knows, I might at some point be telling you all about making my fantasy a reality some time.

Then there was the previous Sunday morning. You might be wondering how a couple laying in bed on a sunny Sunday morning end up discussing branding. Well we were watching Tom and Jerry cartoons and Tom accidentally branded someone and it reminded me of the branding dream I had a few years ago. Shadow got very excited by this and for a moment I wondered if he was winding me up a little but he reassured me that no, he really was into the idea. So I had a little look on a website and in the next couple of months Shadow will be branding me.

In other news I will be getting back into proper regular posting now and it has been amazing to have something fun and sexy to write about.

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