Getting A Cage

It was just something that passed into my head last week, that we needed a cage. Partly for me to use it for filming, and something we could use for fun. So I had a little look online and while things are tight at the moment it’s something we’ve decided that we want to get.

This being our relationship I’m the one having a look around for one, and I’ve found a new one at a good price. It’s a good size for me, it folds up so we don’t have to do any awkward explaining and it will fit nicely into our living room so I will be able to watch TV, wrapped in a blanket locked in a cage.

I did have one of those fold up dog crates once, a very long time ago. But when I moved back in with my mum I had to sell it, I didn’t much fancy trying to explain it to my mum back then. So it went, and I spent the money on who knows what. Every now and again I would miss it, but I was never in a position to replace it. Then I got together with Shadow, and at first I didn’t think he would be interested, or perhaps I was scared I would scare him off. And like so many other things it just went to the back of my mind and stayed there.

I’m not even sure what triggered it and brought it back to the front of my mind. Or why I thought Shadow would be down for getting a cage. We certainly aren’t in a place financially to go spending some £100 on a piece of fetish equipment at the moment. Perhaps because I know I just go out and buy one right now I want it more. I wasn’t sure what Shadow’s reaction would be to my mention of a cage, even though I have taken him to a dungeon and we both had a lot of fun. But he was interested in it. So now I am staring longingly online at dog crates and working out what I want to get to put in it, how to style it for when it’s up and I’m curled up in it.

I’m just happy that he is up for getting a cage.

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