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    Many Vids Sale

    I thought I’d do a little sale over on my Many Vids store, until the end of the month my clips are 20% off. It’s my way of saying thank you for being so patient while I’ve been away. I can also say that my Only Fans is coming soon! I can’t wait to show more clips, photos and perhaps a story every now and then.

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    Clips4Sale Many Vids and Fansly Update

    I spent the weekend working away at getting my Clips 4 Sale store up and running. There are currently 12 clips on the store and they will be getting regularly changed and updated so there’s going to be plenty of hot new content coming. Over the coming months my stores will be moving more towards bimbofication and maybe some latex. You can check out my current clips here. I’ve also been working on getting my Fansly up and running which will have the most regular content updates. There will of course be teasers here, on my Twitter and maybe even my Instagram. It will have lots of exclusive content that…

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    Big Changes

    As you might have seen on Twitter my Many Vids and I Want Clips stores are now up and you can buy my content. I’m really excited as this is a huge step for me. And today I start in a new vanilla job to help me pay the bills and get out of where I am currently living so I can be in a position to make my adult work full time again. Being back at work and having two jobs will finally mean I can go for some of my bigger and more expensive bimbo goals of fillers and implants which I am so excited about, and I…

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    I Love Lace

    Lace is hugely underrated, it covers yet hides absolutely nothing at the same time. It obscures at best, but really that’s it. And there’s nothing better in this world than spiderweb lace. Just a quick aside, I love spiders anyway but spiderweb patterns and lace just belong together. It feels gothic and sexy all at once. Hell, if I’m rocking the goth look I feel sexy anyway but that just makes an outfit perfect. Sadly my life is lacking in spiderweb lace at the moment though. Lace looks gorgeous on other people too, I have yet to find the person anywhere on the gender spectrum that does not look damn…

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    Upcoming Works

    As you probably know I’ll be selling clips as of February 2020 (there will be a link to my clip sites on the links page) and on the 24th I’ll be filming in a dungeon, which I’ll be reviewing after the shoot. Since I want to obviously do great work that you’ll enjoy I would love to hear from you all for the kind of things you’d like to see me doing. Please bare in mind I will only be doing solo works. As I am a switch in my private life I am open to doing sub and Domme clips. You can either leave a comment under this post,…

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    As a sadist and a Domme I love clothes pegs, and I firmly believe they should be in every kinky toy box. They are cheap, fun and so readily available, plus with a little string you have a zipper, a toy that makes even my eyes water and I’m not on the receiving end! But there are a few things you should know when it comes to putting them on that can make the whole process easier and safer. Because there is a wrong kind of pain that can come from them. So with that I give you Clothes pegs 101 Before you start test them out. Open and close…