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Trying to Scratch an Itch While Ignoring Fifty Others

It’s been a rough few weeks, which is why my posting is a little all over the place of late. I’ve been trying so hard to wank so I could review my gorgeous new ice cream dildo but I just … Continue reading

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I Love to Watch

I’ve never said it to anyone else, but I love watching my partner wanking. It’s never done anything for me before and I have no interest in watching guys wank in porn. It’s just my partner, laying back and touching … Continue reading

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Ethical Wanking

I feel like a fraud, the last orgasm I had was just disappointing. That was last week and I’ve not bothered since. And yet here I am about to talk about wanking. But I have had lots of great wanks. … Continue reading

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Porn vs. Fantasy

It used to be if I was horny I watched porn and had a wank. But lately I’ve just been letting my mind wonder and enjoying fantasies instead. And I think my orgasms have been all the better for it. … Continue reading

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